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Material Specification Testing for the World's Aerospace Industry

Airframe and Engine Manufacturers
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The following is a partial list of specifications tested by SMI:

  • Airbus AIMS 09-00-002 "Evaluation of Maintenance Materials"

  • Airbus TN A.007.10138 "Corrosion Preventive Compounds"

  • Air Canada Specification for Aircraft Fluid Anti-Microbial fluid

  • Boeing D6-17487 "Maintenance Material Specification"

  • Boeing D6-7127 "Cleaning Interiors of Commercial Transport Aircraft"

  • Boeing BAC 5749 "Alkaline Cleaning"

  • Boeing BAC 5750 "Solvent Cleaning"

  • Boeing BAC 5763 "Emulsion Cleaning and Aqueous Degreasing"

  • Boeing BMS 3-23 "Organic Corrosion Inhibiting Compound"

  • Boeing BMS 3-26 "Organic Corrosion Inhibiting Compound, Heavy Duty"

  • Boeing BMS 3-29 "Advanced Organic Corrosion Inhibiting Compound"

  • Douglas CSD #1 "Aircraft Maintenance Chemicals"

  • Douglas CSD #3 "Deodorant, Aircraft Toilet"

  • Douglas DMS 2150 "Corrosion Inhibiting Compound, Soft Film, Water Displacing"

  • Douglas DMS 2414 "Corrosion Inhibiting Coating"

  • Douglas MCS 6000 "Consumable Material Specification for Hand and Immersion Cleaning"

  • General Electric CT-882 "Approving cleaners for solvent replacement"

  • General Electric CT-883 "Temperature marking materials for engine parts"

  • General Electric MID-IDM-60001 "Liquid Detergent for Compressor Cleaning"

  • General Electric MID-TD-00005 "Liquid Detergent for Compressor Cleaning"

  • General Electric GEI 41042M "Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning"

  • General Electric D50 TF8-S6 "Temporary Marking Materials for Engine Parts"

  • General Electric Appendix F "Recommended Practice for Certifying Agent Approval of Cleaning Products used on Metallic Jet Engine Hardware"

  • Pratt and Whitney High Temperature Compatibility

  • Pratt and Whitney Non-Metallics Compatibility

  • PWA 36604 "Approval of Cleaners used in Manufacture and Overhaul of Parts"

  • Rolls Royce MSRR9914 "Approval of Compressor Cleaning Fluids"

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