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Military Specifications
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The following is a partial list of Military specifications performed at SMI:

MIL-A-8243Anti-Icing/Deicing-Defrosting Fluids

MIL-A-15328Hydrochloric Acid, Inhibited, Rust Removing

MIL-C-16173Corrosion Preventive Compound, Solvent Cutback, Cold-Application

MIL-C-22542Cleaning Compound, High Pressure Cleaning

MIL-C-23411Corrosion Preventive Compound, Clear

MIL-C-25107Carbon Removing Compound

MIL-C-29602Cleaning Compounds, For Parts, Washers and Spray Cabinets

MIL-C-38334Corrosion Remover Aircraft Surfaces

MIL-C-43616Cleaning Compound Aircraft Surfaces

MIL-C-46156Corrosion Removing Compound

MIL-C-81302Cleaning Compound, Solvent, Trichlorotrifluorethane

MIL-C-81309Corrosion Preventive Compound, Water Displacing, Ultra Thin Film

MIL-C-85054Corrosive Preventive Compound

MIL-C-85704Cleaning Compound, Turbine Engine, Gas Path

MIL-C-87159Cleaning Compound, Water Dilutable, Heavy Duty For Aircraft Surfaces

MIL-D-81956Detergent External Removable Fuel Tank

MIL-D-83790Deodorant For Holding Tanks

MIL-R-25134Remover Paint and Lacquer, Solvent Type Coating Systems

MIL-R-81294Remover, Paint Epoxy and Polyurethane Systems

MIL-R-81903Remover Acid Activated for Acid-Cured Epoxy

MIL-R-83936Remover Paint Tank Type For Wheels, Landing Gears

MIL-PRF-29608 Cleaning and Cleaning-Lubricating Compounds, Electrical Contact, Low Ozone Depletion Potential

MIL-PRF-85570 Cleaning Compound, Aircraft Exterior Wipe-on Wipe-off

MIL-PRF-87937 Cleaning Compound, Aerospace Equipment

P-C-444Cleaning Compound

P-D-680Dry Cleaning and Degreasing Solvent

P-P-560Polish, Plastic

TT-R-248   Remover, Paint

TT-R-2918 Remover, Paint, No Hazardous Air Pollutants

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